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What a weekend!

Wow, am I going to bed with a full, grateful heart tonight! I had a weekend full of GNO greatness and it all kicked off Friday night with our GNO JV class at the studio. We filled the dance floor with Moms and Daughters that came to have a good time and dance the

night away. I can't think of a better activity to do after a full week of school and work. It was the perfect way to unwind and get to spend time with some new and old friends! Seeing the girls spunk and how much their faces would light up when they heard a song they knew was everything! We laughed, loved on the Moms of the group, and danced our hearts out! If you’re looking for a fun little outing

with your daughter OR son, you should definitely check out GNO JV. It’s the best bonding activity ever. (Click the photo to view more from the night.)

...AND that was just a start because then on Saturday evening we had a GNO Fitness

outing with fellow instructors and members at the Storm Chasers baseball game. It was the most perfect evening to sit front row along the first base line (we had amazing group tickets!), watch the sun go down and enjoy each other’s company at the ball park. The added bonus to this night…Flo Rida performed afterwards. YES! If you’ve never seen him in concert you are missing out! Wow! They know how to get the crowd moving and stay engaged the entire concert! If you’ve been to a GNO class before, you have probably danced to a Flo Rida song or two. I left that concert with aching cheeks from smiling so much and a full cup from being with some awesome women all night!

To top off this already great weekend, Sunday morning the studio was hopping for the 9:45 and 10:30 classes! We welcomed two new ladies to the dance floor with open arms and they rocked it! We got to celebrate a member birthday at the 10:30 class🎉🥳 and, if you’ve been lucky enough to celebrate your birthday at GNO you know you are always in for a treat! We had all of our unicorn headbands, instruments and even glow sticks out for this beauty’s celebration! I can’t think of a better place to start your birthday off! Once again, the dance floor was packed and I can honestly tell you that I got the goosebumps on more than one

occasion. It's inspiring to watch everyone dancing in sync in the mirror and it's something that will NEVER get old! These ladies came ready to dance this morning and dancing is just what they got to do! The smiles, laughter, whooping and singing filled the studio and the endorphins were through the roof! I was thanked multiple times for teaching once class ended, but what each of those ladies don’t understand is that I’m so thankful for each of them! They are what makes GNO Fitness the beautiful place that it is. They are the BEST community and the best company, hands down!

So from my grateful heart to all of you, thank you! Thank you for allowing me to come dance with each of you every single week in the best atmosphere around! It’s an honor to dance at GNO Fitness and with all of you❤️

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