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⭐️GNO JV⭐️ A Little GNO Time — AND Family Fun

GNO JV rocked the dance floor last month. We had a full house with moms and daughters who came ready to dance the night away. It was so cute seeing the girls interact with their moms and the smiles it brought to everyone’s faces when they all made a heart with their hands -- and especially when the girls were asked to give their sweet mamas a great big hug. It’s a pretty cool experience to get to participate in something so fun with your little! GNO JV is not limited to moms and daughters. We’ve had nannys bring their kiddos and we’ve also had moms bring their sons. It’s just a really great excuse to have some one on one, maybe even two on one time with the little dancer(s) in your life ❤️

I have to say that getting feedback from everyone after class is one of my favorite parts. Hearing the girls say they can’t wait to come back again is the best -- and the adults love the experience too! Everyone steps out of their comfort zones for an hour and the result is something unimaginable! Gaining new friendships, and creating new memories in such a cool atmosphere is definitely a couple of my favorite take-aways from the night. 

Last month we decided to go to DJ’s Dugout afterward where the adults got one table and the young dancers got another. It was the cherry on top of such a great evening. The moms got to have a little 'me-time' while the girls were entertained with arcade games, sprites, fries and even more dancing. Getting to share our experiences with each other over a drink was the perfect ending to such a fun evening. I can’t wait to watch GNO JV grow each month and I’m so lucky to have a front row seat to it all! I’m grateful for each person who steps foot in GNO Fitness ❤️ so I hope to see you soon!

See GNO JV in action! Here's SHiNE Dance Fitness choreography to

a Taylor Swift favorite!

And here's a super cute song called "Mom" by

Meghan Trainor.

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