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Embracing M.E.S.S.

This month I had the opportunity to lead a SHiNE™ class for some 5th grade girls and their moms (something we like to call 'GNO JV' at GNO Fitness® 😉). We had so much fun and one of the best parts was seeing the girls, and the moms, great big smiles throughout the class. We’ve all been there -- very unsure of what to expect during a 'new' type of fitness class,

and maybe a little hesitant to let

loose -- but getting to be at the front and watching everyone progress to having such a great time is just the best! I have to tell you, I got 'the goosebumps' on more than

one occasion during this class. The

braveness that goes along with

participating with your peers is truly

unmatched. I hope the girls left feeling empowered and beautiful!

I'd also like to tell you a little more

about this group. These 5th graders, along with their moms, is a group that Lisa Duensing (a fellow GNO’er💕) put together. The group is called M.E.S.S. (M-Movement E- Encouragement S- Service S- Social). Lisa's daughter is in 5th grade, and in an effort to make the school transition easier for her, her fellow classmates, and her future classmates, she created this wonderful group. It also helps put the 5th grade girls parents' mind at ease knowing they are building relationships with old and new friends that will be in the same middle school building next year. They do fun little activities each month that help build a bond between the girls. If you ask me, this idea Lisa came up with is genius, and it has been wonderful seeing all of her ideas come to fruition. She is truly making such a difference in so many peoples lives. I couldn’t be more proud of her. What a wonderful little community she is helping put together!

At GNO, we all totally agree with Lisa's concept and hope that we are building that same culture -- for adults AND our future GNOers. Our JV classes are coming up again this weekend and hope I get to see each of their faces again. Embrace the M.E.S.S. (Movement, Encouragement, Service, & Social) because you'll actually love it -- and at GNO we'll always support it.

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