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What is GNO JV?

GNO JV is a class designated for ages 8-18 when accompanied by an adult for a SHiNE Dance Fitness™ class. There will always be two classes listed for GNO JV days -- one class for ages 8-11 and one class for ages 12-18. Our instructors make sure to choose music and choreography that is appropriate for the two age groups. It's a great activity for moms/daughters, moms/sons, aunts/nieces, aunts/nephews, grandparents, summer nannys, and more! You'll have a great time dancing and having fun together.

GNO JV is truly our GNO Jr Varsity -- GNOers in training for the real Girls Night Out. We're training them for fun, fitness, and empowerment through group dance. Continue to check this page for new class listings each month or follow our group page on Facebook.

GNO JV class passes for those ages 8-18 are discounted from our regular single class fee. Click here to buy the $8.00 pass for ages 8-18 ONLY.



GNO JVs must be accompanied by an adult 19 or over. Members or current class pass holders can register with their current passes. Click here to buy the regular single $12 class pass.

March 2023

3.24.23 @ 6:00pm GNO JV Ages 12-18

3.31.23 @ 7:00pm GNO JV Ages 8-11

February 2023

2.3.23 @ 7:00pm GNO JV Ages 8-11

2.4.23 @ 6:00pm GNO JV Ages 12-18

December 2022

12.16.22 @ 7:00pm GNO JV Ages 8-11

12.30.22 @ 4:00pm GNO JV Ages 12-18

October 2022

10.14.22 @ 7:00pm GNO JV Ages 8-11

10.15.22 @ 7:00pm GNO JV Ages 12-18

September 2022

9.23. 22  @ 7:00pm  GNO JV Ages 8-11

July 2022

7.16. 22  @ 10:15  GNO JV Ages 8-11

7.16.22   @ 11:15  GNO JV Ages 12-18

7.28.22   @10:15   GNO JV Ages 8-11

7.28.11   @11:15   GNO JV Ages 12-18

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