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One class at GNO and I was hooked...

Last year, I saw an ad on Facebook for this place called GNO (Girls Night Out) Fitness. I thought to myself -- I love to dance, let’s try it. When I walked in the studio, I was greeted by lots of smiling faces. The Instructor introduced me to everyone that was there. The music started & the rest is history.

What I enjoy about GNO is the great camaraderie between people, and of course, the music in the studio is also the best. During class, I’m singing along with Lizzo and Pitbull, just to name a few of a my faves. Sometimes I get so carried away with the music I’m not even following the class. But, you know what? Doesn’t matter. Why? Because I’m off the couch & happy to be among people with the same idea -- to enjoy myself & move more.

You know when you have those blah winter days where you don’t want to go anywhere or do anything? That’s when I head to the studio because I really need to feel better. Getting there is the hardest part, but once I open that door, it’s all good!

Hope to see you at the studio soon!


GNO Fitness Member

* That's me --->

I'm busy earning my GNO BINGO square

for singing along to my favorite song! 😉

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