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Do I Have Time for This?

Looking back to the fall of 2021, I had been invited to check out the new dance fitness studio, GNO Fitness, by my friend, Amanda Litel, and LOVED it! Growing up dancing recreationally, my dance life naturally ended when going to college.. many years ago :) I hadn't even realized what a void there was for this form of movement until I started dancing at GNO. The added benefit of getting a good workout as well was a welcomed bonus. The big question that loomed, however.. "do I have the time for this?". With two small children at home there were plenty of reasons to come up with as to why I did not have the time to fit in going to class at GNO. But then one day the question in my mind changed.. "do I CHOOSE to MAKE the time for this?". The time is there; what matters is how I choose to use it.

Later that same day, while reading in the book "Raise Your Vibration" by Kyle Gray, I happened to come to a section about dance. He said, "I've always been up for a wee dance. I absolutely love having a shimmy and a shake to my favorite music... When we move our hips from side to side and twirl, swirl and shake, we're essentially moving into the flow of life. When we dance to our favorite music and really let loose, we let go of our fears and cares for those few minutes and on a spiritual level we express our soul through movement." That was enough for me. Dancing is good for my soul?! I'm in.

I started regularly attending classes at GNO and then began instructing in the spring of 2022! This form of movement, along with the great music, continues to fill my soul. Whatever movement best suits you, I hope you will choose to make the time for it in your life!


*Bonnie has been a wonderful addition to our Instructor group and we are so happy that she has been with us for 2 years. Our members all love her and her classes. If you haven't met her, get in the studio soon!

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