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Evolution of my Workouts... Becky H

We as humans continue to evolve at all ages and stages of life.  For me this definitely includes my workout and exercise.  At a young age I was introduced to dance and I danced for most of my childhood.  Amongst being teased as an adolescent for my weight I found dance as my safe space and this is where my confidence at a very hard and vulnerable age was born.  Dance allows me to fully express myself and I have found that GNO is an amazing safe space to completely disconnect and build upon my confidence, yes even at the age of 43!  More about GNO soon!


As I evolved out of adolescence and into my teens and twenties I began to find the benefits of other forms of exercise, however NONE of which were as fun! I fought the stigma that I must run or do other forms of exercise in order to manage weight, which unfortunately at that age was my primary motivation for working out, instead of doing the thing I loved best, dancing.  In my thirties, in my prime stage of raising three young kids, there was minimal time to dance or exercise (if you know you know) and because I didn’t put myself as a priority I lost some luster and confidence.  Luckily as my kids have grown I have found forms of exercise that allow me to dance and take care of myself emotionally. 


Now into my forties and for those of you reading who are not yet forty, listen up, don’t be afraid because forties are my best years yet and I’ve NEVER felt more confident in my life! It’s freaking fabulous!  I remember the day I was introduced to SHiNE Dance Fitness™ by Kristin and Steph and I remember being blown away by the “club” like moves and the “club” like environment with the dimmed and neon lights.  GNO is a place where, of course, the workout is fun, but it’s so much more than exercise and fun.  It’s a place where I find rockstar women (and hopefully more men eventually!) coming out of their shells and finding confidence they’ve never had before.  It’s a place where I can fully disconnect from the many demands of life that I have with work and raising three kids.  It’s a place where I can find my favorite music and just jam out.  It’s community, friendship and women supporting all who walk in.  But mostly it’s a place where I have found my inner child who will never forget the gift of dance because that is what saved my confidence growing up.  It’s way more than exercise, it’s my happy place and inner peace, and I only hope that all who come can find the joy of GNO!


I can hardly wait for my fifties!!


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