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Sue can really Twerk & Tell (about GNO)

'Why be moody when you can shake your booty?' are true words to live by, and GNO Fitness makes that happen for me!

What I love about GNO is that it's dancing that doesn't feel like exercise! You say you can't dance? If you walk in the door, believe me, you CAN. It's best for the winter blues and anything in between. You are always welcomed with a smile, and you will always be glad you came.

The energetic instructors always make things fun and are happy to take requests. What more could you ask for? They always know what to play to make my day!

See you soon at GNO! Message me, I'll meet you there!


**SUE really brings the energy to classes at GNO every time she walks in the door. We are so happy to have her with us as a member and we highly recommend getting to know her!

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