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I got all my sisters with me...

I am not a sentimental person. Just ask my poor husband. At my house the rule is if you don't: see it, use it, or wear it for a year, then it gets thrown away. Unless that is if you put it in your special keep box (i.e. shoe-sized rubber maid container). So, imagine my surprise when it socked me in the gut! I watched a slide show of pictures from the last year with this gal named Kristin. What a journey we have been on! Let me sum it up with one word.....GRATITUDE!

Our Tribe of women at GNO is amazing. When I say our, that means yours. We are here for each other. Our job is to accept, support, encourage, embrace and love each other. We, as women, need this now more than ever! We are lucky to have each other walking, I mean dancing, beside us on our journey! Thank you!!

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