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Can You Relate?

For me, New Years and the resolutions we set for ourselves, quite honestly, set me up for failure. Even when I was younger, I would get a new diary each year for Christmas. Every year my January 1st entry went something like this: "Dear Diary, I promise to write in you every day." Well, by January 3rd I had already screwed up! With the pressure of a new year and the expectation for "New Year, New You," why not lower that pressure and just show ourselves some love instead.

Last year at GNO Fitness®, our members worked their way to class day milestones of 25, 50, 75, and 100. Holy cow did you girls show up last year!! You all should be so proud of the hours you logged on the dance floor!

However, this year, we considered a little different approach. Something like "Dear Diary, I may OR may not write in you every day" because I can choose to do whatever works best for me. Extending that to the culture of GNO Fitness® meant we should focus on self love and fostering relationships, instead of

focusing on achieving a number. Therefore, our new 2023 quarterly BINGO games will encourage you to be silly, meet new friends and nurture your relationships. Play along by singing a song in class, dancing in the front row (like no one is watching!), introducing yourself and standing next to a new person, leaving a sweet note for someone at the studio, or meeting up with a friend in the Diva Den for coffee before class. (And earn some great prizes too!)

It just wasn't enough to count attendance days this year. We owe it to ourselves to be happy too. Maybe by loving ourselves and loving others, the new and better YOU will just happen. Be kind to yourself. Make someone else's day better. Extend the grace and patience you show others to yourself as well.

See you soon in the studio for some fun, no pressure, GNO B-I-N-G-O!

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