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GNO Fitness™ : It's been 1 year!

Last year on July 30, 2021, we announced our intent to open GNO Fitness™ in Elkhorn. We were overjoyed with the response we received and we immediately started to prepare our space and share details about our plans. Our families worked tirelessly with us so that we could get classes going as soon as possible, and before the end of August we were inviting close friends to come to GNO for sample classes.

It was honestly hard to stay away from the space because we were so excited -- we had been planning the possibilities of this business for the previous 10 months! We got right to work trying to clean up the space and prepare for paint and new flooring. Looking back at photos we are so amazed at what we were able to accomplish in such a short time and still love everything about it one year later.

I'm sure that many of you that have visited us at GNO would have never thought that this is where we started - but, it's amazing what paint and hard work can do to transform anything into a welcoming space. We painted the ceiling, the walls, the bathrooms, put in new flooring, created a partitioned area for our Diva Den, hung mirrors and lights, then added all of the fun details that make GNO the unique place that it is today.

We are proud of our hard work and proud of what we have brought to the community. Be sure to take a look below at the slide show of photos showing how the studio transformation took place. We are happy to share these memories with you! If you haven't been to see the studio in person, you are always welcome and there is a FREE pass available for you at anytime you are ready to join us.

Our studio is quite a gem and so are the people who sparkle inside of it! Don't wait another minute... experience a real Girls Night Out with a little fitness on the side 😉

View the studio slide show here:

See you soon!

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