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GNO Fitness™ (where it's always 'Girls Night Out')

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

THIS is GNO and welcome to the most fun you'll ever have when it comes to fitness. If you don't like to work out but you like to shimmy and shake, we're the place for you. And that's exactly how GNO Fitness™ got it's name -- we wanted to create a space that felt just like having a Girls Night Out, and our vision became a reality. Our goal is to provide a friendly, empowering, and fun workout that gives you the option of a low or high impact workout plus A LOT of laughter along with it.

There's never a stranger to walk in our door. We make it a priority to welcome each and

every person, new or regular member, every day. That's one of the biggest compliments that

we hear from our members -- "I felt like I was a part of the group the first day I attended."

Mission accomplished!

We have expanded our concept to include actual girls night out events where we use our fabulous 'Diva Den' for food and drinks. Something you'll have to experience for yourself, and as soon as possible. As we continue to grow, there are so many ideas we have in store.

We are always available to answer any questions (contact info at the bottom) and we hope that you will decide to come and see us. We're right next door to Sam & Louie's Pizza in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Look for the pink curtains in the windows 🤩


GNO Fitness Co-Founder

See you soon!

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